Frequently Asked Questions

What is and what do you do?

We make it possible for your business contacts to find out all they need to know about you in one click - by using our ‘one click reference’ button which you can put on your email footer or your website which takes contacts straight to your portal. Our system to brings together your internet presence into one place such as; your professional profile (who you are and what you do), all your social media networks, your company website (if you have one) and your blogs. We also offer make it possible for you to monitor what people are saying about you online So, not only do we make it easier for potential contacts to reference you and to find your true skills and experience online but we also make it easier for you to control and manage your personal brand.

Why do I need to manage my online presence?

With 80 million names being Googled every day, anyone can (and will) search for you online – and it is paramount that you know what people will find. If you don’t start defining and building your personal brand then someone else will – so make sure you don’t leave your personal brand to chance. Your Google results have become your calling card so use them to your advantage, having a strong online presence and personal brand is an asset in today’s industry and will put you way ahead of your competition.

Why is so important?

Business contacts will research you on the internet. That process is frustrating at best, damaging at worst. gives you an ability to take control of your internet presence and ensures your business contacts find the correct information about you so they can appreciate your business experience quickly and easily.

What is a personal brand?

Personal Branding is the process of uncovering, communicating and managing your brand. Your personal brand is a powerful blend of your skills, personality, strengths, goals and values and is a vital tool for managing your career as it allows you to differentiate yourself from your peers and competitors. Your personal brand should tell your audience the following 3 things about you; Who you are, what you do and what makes you different or how you create value for your target market.

What role does my portal have in my Personal Brand provides you with a platform on which you can communicate your personal brand succinctly to your business contacts - providing them with everything they need to know about you in one site.

How does help my reputation? is the crucial first step in managing your reputation online. You can try and manage your reputation as much as you wish but if the people looking you up on the internet have no place to get a true and complete story of you, then the exercise is flawed.

Are there any other ways I can achieve the same result as

You can buy your own website, buy a SEO-optimisation to ensure it appears high up when you search and buy a media monitoring service. It’s more flexible but compared to which is free, it is an expensive alternative.

I’ve got an unusual name – can’t the people looking for me just Google me?

Even if you’re every entry on the first page of Google – it’s like putting together an incomplete picture of you from newspaper clippings and internet gossip. puts all the correct information in one trusted place.

What is the difference between and LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is fundamentally different to a Professional Portal. LinkedIn exists to allow you to network with other individuals – (which has no networking) caters for the step before you’re ready to open up your network but will guide you to your LinkedIn network straight from the Portal if you wish to connect.

How does it link to my social networks?

Your portal allows you to present all your social media networks in one central portal – meaning your contacts can find everything they need to know about you in one place and can choose how to connect with you.

Why does my portal not appear immediately in Google?

If your portal does not appear immediately when you search your name in Google then don’t worry. These things usually take a few of weeks to move up through the ranks.

How do I get Media Monitoring to bring back more accurate results?

Going through the setup function and changing nicknames will help accuracy. If you are still experiencing a problem please contact our customer services who will be able to advise further.

Will you fix negative comments or bad press for me?

No. We present your portal and monitor what is being said about you on the internet. We do not engage in altering bad comments or press activities. There are PR companies and legal firms who do a great job in advising you on fixing these issues should you have them.

Are all your services free?

All of the basic services are free and this should be enough for 95% of people using the site. There are selected chargeable services (such as where you ask our copywriters to write your profile for you) but these are entirely optional.

What happens if I have a problem with payment?

For problems with payment, please contact our customer services department.

Do you keep my credit card details?

No. We do not store any credit card details. All card transactions are dealt with by Barclaycard Transaction Services.

I can't remember my password?

We don't store your password so if you've forgotten yours, simply go to 'Forgot Password?' link on the homepage. You will automatically be sent a new password, which you can change once you’re logged back in on the My Account section.

Does my data belong to me?

Yes, we are very clear in our Terms and Conditions that your data belongs to you. You are at liberty to remove it from the site or amend it at any time.

What’s the most efficient way to contact customer services?

Please submit your query via the online response system which can be found on our contacts page. This is the most effective way of ensuring that we resolve any issues you may have.

I have a problem with something being displayed on your site

If you think that any content being displayed contravenes our Terms of Use please refer the content to us as soon as possible using the "Report this Page" link at the bottom of each page and we will investigate further.

How do I give you feedback?

Your feedback is invaluable to us. There is a feedback link on the contacts page or for ease click here.