Why it is important for graduates to differentiate themselves from their peers…

With the job market at an all time low competition for jobs is becoming much harder and more competitive.

There are more graduates out of work than at any other time in history. As such it’s very important in securing your next position and that you win the game by differentiating yourself from your peers who have identical academic records.

When looking at how you do that it’s useful to bear in mind that you’ve already played this game before. In order to be selected by a University all applicants need to submit a ‘Personal Statement’. The Universities use these personal statements to differentiate between candidates of exactly matching academic abilities.

What is incredible is that the points of difference that got you on your university course in the first place are not front of mind now that you’re in the job market and many complain that ‘I can’t differentiate myself’. That’s not true.

What is true is that, as a new graduate, you don’t have the relevant job skills and work experience on your resume yet. So it’s the points of difference that you need to emphasise. Consider the qualities that got you through that selection process into University and what skills and experiences have you picked up since then to supplement these.

Resume’s tend to be a very dry recitation of factual history and many are turning to the online world and having a strong online presence to make that key difference.

A recent survey by Microsoft found that “70-percent of surveyed HR workers in the US, admitted to rejecting a job applicant because of his or her Internet behavior” meanwhile – HR workers also said that “A good online presence can have a positive impact on a job candidate’s application”.

This proves that employers really do take note of what they find about you online – and so it is crucial that everything that appears about you when you Google your name is exactly what you want people to see and reflects the personal brand you want to portray.

Create an online profile on Profiled.com which concentrates on showcasing your transferable skills and your attitude to the world. Are you enthusiastic about marketing? Do you feel you can offer a potential employer a top class work ethic etc. Include your Personal Web Address in your communication with potential employers – if they go to your profile, you may just impress them enough to jump the queue.

Profiled.com also provides a free tracking tool which finds articles that an employer may pick up when googling you. If it’s out there – you need to know about it and ensure you fix any issues before they cause a problem.

Use your online presence to your advantage.

Good luck!