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My mission is to share the message that it is very possible to live a happy, active and productive life free of disease and pain to age 100 and beyond. Part of the equation is believing that this is possible and then living in a way that makes it a reality.

I am part of what Paul Zane Pilzer refers to as The Wellness Revolution - the Next Trillion Dollar Industry! That includes striving to be an example of how to live an active and productive life of wellness in my retirement years by following lifestyle choices of diet, physical activity and mental attitude that are life fulfilling.

My message is that everyone can enjoy a high level of wellness by taking personal responsibility and making some lifestyle changes and that there are a few simple things that can be done today which will have a major impact on the quality of life now and in the future.


  1. 2007 - present

    Network Marketer

    Max International

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